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Last updated May 3rd 2024 at 6:06pm
A year ago, just over half of the St. Louis area could hear BOOST clearly on the radio. TODAY? Not only can ALL of St. Louis catch BOOST on 95.5 and 97.7 FM, but God also opened doors for BOOST to boom into five new cities! It began with last fall’s BOOST the LOVE campaign; a 7 year plan to pay off the original, flagship signal, BOOST 95.5 in St. Louis. Powering this flagship signal is how BOOST is also heard in these new places, and anywhere else God might open doors. Today, you are invited to be a part of this growing mission. When you give, the second payment is made for BOOST 95.5 in St. Louis. You’ll help more people than ever connect with Jesus through Pop, Hip Hop and Hope; from Pittsburgh to Portland! When you give now, your BOOST THE LOVE t-shirt will be on its way (for every gift of $250) We’re grateful to be on mission with you! ❤️️ THANK YOU! JOIN THE MOVEMENT  

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BOOST RADIO is powered by friends like you, not by commercials. Every gift of every size helps make BOOST possible.  And, because BOOST is a non-profit organization, your donation is tax deductible.  Whatever your gift, thank you for your partnership with BOOST! Grab this t-shirt with a gift of $21.00 per month or a one-time gift of $250. 

Ever have a question about your gift? Email Donor Relations, or call our office: 314-909-8569.

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With every gift of $250 or more you will receive a thank you shirt in the mail! But why stop at one? There’s no limit to how many shirts you can grab for you and your family!

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Kids with Neal in front of the BOOST Wall

“BOOST gives us a reason to laugh and a reason to stop and think.”

I love the upbeat tunes, but I also love the songs that talk about real struggles we all feel and go through. You give out hope daily. BOOST gives us a reason to laugh and a reason to stop and think. But through it all the focus stays on our Almighty. Thank you for being there through it all for your listeners.


Melissa – Hillsboro, MO