The Gathering-Youth "Be you. Be more" Juneteenth & Jesus

Jun 19

03:00 pm - 04:30 pm

1000 University Drive, Edwardsville, IL 62025 (Esic Church)
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The Gathering is an entity focused on getting the Church (you and I… Believers) out of the CONFINES of the physical CHURCH building (and all other dividers like race, religion, creed, stereotypes, etc) to be Acts 2:42-47 today.

We fellowship monthly to “eradicate hate with Jesus love” which is simply us tackling “life” hardships and triumphs as God has called us to as his bride, his body, the light upon the hill.

This gathering is directed to our youth “Be you. Be more”. Encouraging our youth to be the “You” God has create them to be, in boldness while seeing what “more” they will become by the sharing of adult testimonies.

BOOST will be hosting!!!!! How amazing! Also, we will learn, love and support the recognition of “Juneteenth” as well. This is American history.




Tik Tok Challenges.




Please contact: Anya Covington (Facebook¬† or email: [email protected]) for more information. Please SIGN-UP via the Facebook link! Pray and please share and participate.

Everyone human being is welcomed. Come as you are and leave filled!! Jesus is the solution.