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If you're trying to gain followers, you need to see this...!

February 10, 2021

Are you trying to be famous? Be an influencer? Gain followers or double taps?

Well a recent study showed that over half of all Millennials and Gen Z surveyed strives to become an influencer.

I mean why not?! You get to feel loved! You get to feel wanted! You feel seen and cared about…! All those are great things!!

But here’s the problem.

You will not find that through fame. Fame and followers will never get you that.

Take it from Sandi Robertson. Someone found on a hit TV Show that was famous around the world, Duck Dynasty. With 4.1 Million followers on Instagram, she will even tell you that fame won’t bring these things.

But she’s here to talk about what will. Be sure to watch the video above.

We’ve got to stop obsessing over who is following us and obsessing over the one we are following.

Sadie Robertson Huff
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