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15 of The Top Christian Hip Hop Songs In 2024

15 of The Top Christian Hip Hop Songs In 2024

List of the Top Christian Hip Hop Songs

Christian Hip Hop is thriving in 2024, with artists continuing to push the boundaries and deliver powerful messages wrapped in beats that hit hard. This year’s lineup of top songs showcases a diverse range of styles and themes, proving that Christian Hip Hop is not only here to stay but is also evolving in exciting ways. Let’s dive into the standout tracks that are making waves and inspiring listeners like you around BOOST Nation!

Below are a few of our favorite Christian Hip Hop Songs for 2024!

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Miles Minnick “Christlike

This song is the essence of what fans want from Christian Hip Hop. Godly lyrics? Check! Dope beat? Check! Catchy? Yup. Miles crafted a song that goes hard, for the good. It’s the perfect cut to show the skeptics at church that God definitely uses Hip Hop for His glory.

indie tribe “Still Holy

This energetic track is the perfect combo of high quality lyricism and a chorus that will easily become an earworm. Plus, a straightforward message about how God is faithful in the middle of this mad, mad world we’re all trying to survive in.

NF “Let Em Pray

You have friends who’ve never heard of Christian Hip Hop, but the name NF rings a bell. And maybe you have friends who love CHH, but don’t think NF belongs in that lane. Here’s a song that could bring them together! NF goes hard on his beats and bars here. “Let Em Pray” is his twist on the “turn the other cheek” message from Jesus, with production quality that’s easily as good or better than anything his mainstream peers are dropping these days.

Steven Malcolm “40

Facing temptation? You’re not alone! Steven told us “40” was born from reading how Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights enduring temptation from the devil himself. He hopes this track encourages the faithful to stay in the fight.

Tedashii “IYKYK

Tedashii is officially a GOAT in the Christian Hip Hop scene, and this song showcases why. He cooked up a fresh beat for 2024 that incorporates trap and EDM. Lyrically, he shows how you can be both humble and confident when you put your faith in the right place.

Wande & Lecrae “Send That

Good luck NOT turning the volume up when this song comes on! The first lady of Christian Hip Hop teamed up with an OG to create the perfect summer banger. The beats hit just right, and the message about keeping it real is on point. Especially in a year where deep fakes, AI, and the inauthentic dominate everyone’s feeds.

Derek Minor “Stand By Me

When Derek dropped this song, he said “I used to think I was an introvert until I realized I just stopped liking everyone.” Wait…what?? Derek went on to say “I tried to change the world. I had to change me.” “Stand by Me” gives us a front row seat to how God is healing Derek from the inside out, so that he can be a better friend, brother in Christ, husband, and man. He collabed with Canon and Greg James on this one, so be ready for verses that break the speed limit and a hook almost as infectious as COVID 19.

Torey D’Shaun “Oowee

This song is perfect for those workout playlists! Not to mention the poolside one. Actually, pretty much any situation is a perfect one for “Oowee.” It’s a celebration of how far God has brought Torey. Sometimes though, growth is painful. Not everyone will love the new you. Torey brings you into how he’s handling those relationships, and he might have you low key dancing while you listen.

Forrest Frank & Caleb Gordon “God Is Good

These are the two most viral artists in Christian Hip Hop right now. Each of them, on their own, are reaching untold amounts of new fans. Combining Forrest Frank and Caleb Gordon into one song though? Peanut butter and chocolate level vibes! Remember that one time you met a random stranger but instantly felt like you knew them? That’s “God Is Good;” you’ll feel like you know it from the jump.

Marty “Nope

If you’ve listened to the Social Club Misfits, you’ll easily recognize Marty from that duo. He teamed up with Derek Minor for a song that could help you push back at fear and anxiety. Marty knows those feelings all too well, especially after his baby boy was recently born two months premature. Those scary moments inspired “Nope,” while the unique beat sounds like it might have been inspired by science fiction.

Mission “Free

Trying to jumpstart a party? Put this one on. Mission delivers on all fronts. A message of gratitude and freedom, with a beat that can test the limits of your woofers. When your joy comes from God, it’s hard to hide it. And why would you want to?

Aaron Cole “SBTN” featuring Kirk Franklin

Good luck boxing this song into just one genre! It’s part hip hop, part gospel, part dance, and 100% BOP. “SBTN” = Something Bout That Name….as in Jesus. Aaron and Kirk are simply basking in the knowledge that Christ has saved them. This is a song that can make just about anyone smile.

Limoblaze “One Day” featuring KB

You might feel like you’re at a major league soccer (football?) match when you hear this one. Limoblaze’s signature Afrobeat style and KB’s unmatchable flow go together like strawberries and cream. “One Day” is an international flavored song of hope: no matter how bleak life gets, God’s best is yet to come.

Jackie Hill Perry “First Draft

Being a woman in Christian Hip Hop is like walking a tightrope made out of wrapping paper ribbon. But you wouldn’t know that from listening to Jackie Hill Perry. Her flow sounds effortless and her lyricism cannot be easily compared to anyone else who’s come before her. Just when you think you’ve wrapped your head around the vibe of “First Draft,” she does something to hook you in even further, despite not having a traditional “hooky” chorus. There’s nobody in Hip Hop, Christian or not, like Jackie Hill Perry.

Caleb Gordon “War

Caleb takes you to the Caribbean with this reggae-influenced cut about the battle for your soul. Your head might start bobbing without you even realizing it. This is probably Caleb’s most mass-appeal song yet! At the moment, for copyright reasons, it’s not available on streaming platforms. So if you want to hear it, your best bet is to turn up BOOST Radio. Often.

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