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I was a trouble maker as a kid! Grounded nearly non-stop from birth until I turned 16 (didn’t want to lose those driving privileges). God used all of my grounded alone time to focus me on my calling: radio DJ. When I’m not on the radio or making mixes, I love exploring the city with my family, lose a lot of basketball games, win a lot of Mario Kart races, and serve various Christian radio-related non-profit causes. 

Last show you binge watched:

Upload. Not “family friendly” FYI! It ended so fast I immediately began binging it again the very next day.

Fave thing to do on a day off:

Picture a sunny 75-degree day. Gentle breeze. I’m reclined on a comfy lawn chair on my three season porch, catching a nap. Then I’ll wake up and hit the theater with my family. Later that night I’ll hop online to do a live music mix. If only I had a comfy lawn chair that reclined. Or a three season porch. But theaters are coming back, right? 

Fun fact:

I successfully ran away from home in 4th grade. Like, I was GONE for three months.

Long story there. God was (and is) looking out for me. 

One meal to eat for the rest of your life:

A cheeseburger from Holstein’s in Las Vegas. With Crack Fries from Hop Cat in U. City. Fountain Diet Coke from McDonald’s. Plus a Ghostbuster rootbeer float from Fitz’s. Oh! And Toasted Ravioli for the appetizer from Grotto Grill in Wentzville.

Favorite bible verse:

Proverbs 11:25 “He who refreshes others will be refreshed.” We live in such a “what’s in it for me” age. This verse reminds us to put others first and assures us God is taking care of as we serve others.

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