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Artificial Intelligence Turns

Artificial Intelligence Turns "Amazing Grace" into a Hip-Hop Song

PS: This intro was also written by A.I.

Check it, I’m about to flip the script
Turn “Amazing Grace” into a dope rap hit
Gonna lay down some sick beats and rhymes
Make this classic hymn sound fresh and fine

So listen up, ’cause here’s what’s going down
I’m taking this old-school track and giving it a new sound
Gonna add some bass, some drums, and some flow
Turn up the volume, let’s get this show on the road

So get ready to feel the spirit move
As I turn “Amazing Grace” into a hip-hop groove

View this video and a bunch of other fun videos on the BOOST Radio YouTube Channel.

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1 year ago

You guys are awesome! Love it! 😄

Sharon Vinson
Sharon Vinson
1 year ago

Loved the amazing grace rap! I was feeling that! The toilet paper wrap was hilarious L O L

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