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by Mike Couchman, Program Director for BOOST

God started something crazy unique by putting BOOST on radios in St. Louis back in 2014. Right out of the gate, word spread beyond the 314, and so did requests for BOOST to think beyond STL. While anyone can listen through our website or app, many love the ease of pushing a radio preset to instantly bump BOOST. “What would it take to get BOOST on MY radio in MY city?” was our 2nd highest FAQ. (Top FAQ was “why can’t I hear BOOST everywhere around St. Louis?” God answered that prayer recently, as you might know 😉 ).

Long story short: getting BOOST beyond STL would take an act of God. Every penny we had was dedicated to serving St. Louis. We couldn’t imagine expanding when it took everything we had just to serve ONE city. But God had bigger plans….

He’s opened the door for BOOST to grow beyond St. Louis. Starting with Chicago! At some point on Wednesday 3/31 (exact time TBD), the fine people of Chicago will experience Pop, Hip Hop and Hope when they listen to BOOST 97.5.

Everything people in The Lou know and love about BOOST will stay the same. Same DJ’s out of the same studio on Manchester. The biggest difference? We get to celebrate and share what God is doing with 3-million more souls!

Why Chicago? Well….it’s the first door God opened! Fun fact? Already, at this very moment, BOOST has just as many online listeners out of the Chicago area as there are from around STL. The 312 is HUNGRY for what God is doing here.

Maybe you picked up on “the first door” wording. Yes, there are more cities to come. Today though, we’re focused on welcoming Chicago to the BOOST RADIO family.

If you have friends/family in that area, BOOST them! Maybe share this link:

Questions about the inner-workings of BOOST, or what the future holds? Email me any time. [email protected]

Thanks for your support, and if you would, for praying that God guides everything BOOST does!

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