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BOOST is the 2020 Station of the Year

BOOST is the 2020 Station of the Year

We don’t bring this up to you very often, but BOOST RADIO is an underdog. Most of the radio signals in St. Louis are more powerful (easier for you to hear) than ours are. Plus, our style of music and shows are super rare outside of STL. Most Christian radio owners don’t believe there’s an audience for Pop, Hip Hop, and Hope.

Which makes what recently happened amazing. Of the hundreds of Christian radio stations in the nation, BOOST received the prestigious “Station Of the Year” award from the Christian Music Broadcasters organization. For our industry, this is the highest honor, like when musicians get Grammy awards or actors get Oscars.

It all started when our sister station, 99.1 JOY FM, followed God’s nudge to create BOOST. Their audience, and BOOST’s listeners, generously donate the money needed to fuel BOOST RADIO’s mission. Look what God is doing through those gifts!
We’re excited to see what the future holds and grateful for everyone who continues to make BOOST possible.

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