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Free Candy! (Factory)

Free Candy! (Factory)

You remember the Willy Wonka movie, right? Charlie wins a chocolate factory or something like that…..I think….I never saw the film.

The guy who invented Jelly Belly jelly beans is bringing the movie’s idea to real life! David Klein is having a contest where the grand prize is him giving you an actual candy factory. He’ll throw in a college course on making candy and offer his assistance too, if you want it.

How it works: It’s a treasure hunt, and you gotta cough up almost $50 to enter. Only 1,000 people in each state will be allowed to compete. Each state will get its own treasure hunt. I’m assuming winners from each state will go into some kind of finalist round? There’s a Facebook group that gets into the rules and all that.

If you win, may I request that you use your candy factory to produce M&M’s? I promise to be one of your best customers!

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