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God had other plans...

God had other plans...

Looking for the latest in hope-filled pop and hip-hop music? Well, you’re in the right place. This is new music with Neallytime.

Oh you thought it was over?! Nah, God had other plans.

What’s poppin’ it’s New Music with Neallytime!

Talkin’ about Zauntee’s new song God had other plans.

He started out with, “God taught me, but now God had other plans.” Like, listen you thought it was over. You thought that you made mistakes. That it was done. That God couldn’t use you.

But no, God’s like, “Listen, I’ve got other plans for you. A future and hope.”

Yeah, no matter what you did. No matter what you didn’t do. God’s like, “I’m not done with you.”

If you’re still breathing right now. If you’re listening to my voice, God’s got other plans for your life. Let this song encourage you.

That’s Zauntee with God’s got other plans. New Music with Neallytime! You know what it is.

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AJ Johnson
AJ Johnson
8 months ago

God had other plans is Dope, “I thought it was over, God had other plans”

5 months ago

This the best song on boost right now. I wish it was longer. Wow 👏

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