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Merry Christmas from Your Favorite BOOST Artists

Merry Christmas from Your Favorite BOOST Artists

We wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for being a part of the BOOST fam this year and to wish you a Merry Christmas! We called on some of your favorite artists to say a little somethin’ to you as well! Check it out in the video above!

Finding Hope Every Day

Whether you’re in the mood to turn up and dance like no one’s watching, or if you’re walking through a rough period of life, bump BOOST to find hope every day. You can even take BOOST with you wherever you go by streaming right now by clicking here to listen. Or you can easily bring BOOST with you by downloading the BOOST App.

What can you expect from listening to BOOST Radio?

BOOST isn’t your typical pop and hip-hop station. Don’t worry, you’ll hear music with great beats that you’ll wanna turn up in the car. The difference, though? This music has meaning.

You’re going to hear DJs that are real people. Laughing. Having fun. And being honest about life. 

And you’re going to notice that BOOST leaves you feeling a little better about life in general.  A few minutes of listening should leave you feeling hopeful and refreshed.

Yeah, we know that’s a big promise. But don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself!

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Vanessa jackson
Vanessa jackson
1 year ago

Thanks Boost for the Christmas blessings. I pray all of you at boost have a merry Christmas and happy new year also. We love you and are blessed by all of you every day!

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