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New Music Alert! From Derek Minor... Nobody's Perfect.

New Music Alert! From Derek Minor... Nobody's Perfect.

Looking for the latest in hope-filled pop and hip-hop music? Well, you’re in the right place. This is new music with Neallytime.

What’s popping with New music with Neallytime.

Derek Minor dropped a new album called Nobody’s Perfect and it’s 🔥 fire. I’m gonna tell you about the album but first let me tell you about the guy behind the album, okay?

Derek showing love to BOOST when it was in his infancy. When BOOST was really not even established back in the day. Winter Jam 2015, maybe? He was giving me an opportunity to interview him when there really was no established BOOST yet. Showing love at event to event and when other people would not he was always showing love consistently and he still does to this day. So big shout out to you bro, but let’s get back to the album okay?

I love albums that make you feel something take you on a journey. Like he starts out with Hallelujah it’s like a freestyle fire… bars… bananas… and he goes into Pressure then Vibrations and Waves and more on the way it just keeps getting better and better and better.

And through his transparency, he reminds you that nobody is perfect other than Jesus of course.

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