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Play Pigskin Pick'em with JBo & Yoshi!

Play Pigskin Pick'em with JBo & Yoshi!

Are you a better guesser than JBo or Yoshi? You can find out! Every week, pick/guess the winners for each NFL game. Whoever has the most guesses correctly at the end of the NFL season, wins an official Lady or Lordship certification!

Also, no experience or football knowledge necessary.
Play Pigskin Pick'em with JBo & Yoshi!
  • What’s “Pigskin Pick’em”? A fun game on, where you pick/guess the team that will win each NFL game, every week
  • Cost to join/play? Free
  • Will I be betting money or will money be paid out? No
  • How do I play? Just guess the winners of each game (either manually or let the computer auto pick for you), every week
  • Is this the same as Fantasy Football? Nope… for this, you just guess which NFL football teams will win each game, every week
  • How much time will this take? If you let the computer auto pick for you, less than 1 minute a week
  • When does the season start/end? Thursday, 9/10/20 – Sunday, 1/3/20 (NFL Regular Season)
  • Who can play? You, your family, & friends!
  • Do I need previous experience? Nope, no previous experience or football knowledge necessary
  • How do I join/play? Sign up & join the group “BOOST Radio League” at
  • For questions? [email protected]
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