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Runnin' this thing like cardio!

Runnin' this thing like cardio!

Looking for the latest in hope-filled pop and hip-hop music? Well, you’re in the right place. This is new music with Neallytime.

Phew. Tryin’ to catch my breath because, “I’ve been runnin’ this thing like cardio!”

Michigan’s finest Steven Malcolm just dropped a new joint called “Cardio.” Four against five…that’s the label.

And of course, what’s poppin’? This is new music with Neallytime

Steven Malcolm stopped by the studio a couple of months again and played his new music for us and I’m wondering, “Bro, when are you going to drop this? When are you going to drop the music?!”

It was so fire I’m like, “The people need the good music.”

Anyway, Steven Malcolm is one of those artists that you can never count him out. Even when he ain’t dropped in a minute, you know he’s working on some heat. He can dance. He can sing. He can rap. And he’s got a budget for the dope music video too. You gotta check this out.

Big shouts out to DJ Mark Edwards and DJ Integrity. I see you in the video, I see you.

But if you need something to work out to, or you need to get the cardio in.

Steven Malcolm Cardio. New Music with Neallytime!

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6 months ago

Watched it twice and didn’t peep N’Teg, but the song it great!

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