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To say this new song is “RICH” is an understatement

To say this new song is “RICH” is an understatement

Looking for the latest in hope-filled pop and hip-hop music? Well, you’re in the right place. This is new music with Neallytime.

Oh you RICH RICH?!

What’s poppin’ it’s New Music with Neallytime!

indie tribe’s finest Jon Keith, nobigdyl., DJ Mykael V, dropping a song called Rich.

Regardless of inflation in the price of eggs, you don’t have to be rich to listen to this song because we’re playing it on BOOST and regardless of what our bank account says we are rich in Christ Jesus. Imma give and it’ll be giving back to me! Press down, shaking together, running over… but before I get to preaching take a listen to Indie tribe, “Rich.”

That’s what’s poppin with New Music with Neallytime!

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