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What you don't know about Trip Lee | BOOST Backstage Interview

What you don't know about Trip Lee | BOOST Backstage Interview

Trip Lee has been in the rapping and music game for a while now and you may know his music really well. But do you really know Trip Lee? Neal got to chat with him about what motivates him, what makes him tick, and what’s the message behind his new album called The End?

View this video with Trip Lee and other BOOST Artists on YouTube.

Who is Trip Lee

William Lee Barefield III, also known as Trip Lee, was born and raised in Dallas. Trip Lee aspired to be a professional sportsman or a well-known rapper when he was young, and he began working on his lyrical abilities at the age of 12. “I rapped about random stuff…how hot I was, how many girls I could pull,” Trip says. At 14 he gave his life to Christ and that changed his focus from fortune and fame to serving and ministering the Gospel.

Trip met Lecrae at a concert in 2004, and they began talking and developing a relationship with each other. After chatting and building relationships with each other, Lecrae started to disciple him. While he was still in high school, Trip was given the opportunity to write a few devotionals for Reach Records’ website that addressed theology.

Trip Lee’s Debut Album

After receiving his high school diploma, Trip signed with Reach Records and released his debut album, “If They Only Knew,” soon after. His debut full-length album introduced hip-hop listeners to his distinct southern sound, unique delivery, and gospel-tinged lyrics. Trip released the song “Can’t Go Back” in 2010, which was co-written by Pitty and producer DJ Swerve.

Trip and Lecrae were both featured on the Dove Award-winning timeless classic “Jesus Muzik” that same year.

Trip has been on tour ever since his debut album, performing for thousands of fans in cities all over the world; and his most recent three summers have been spent on concerts (both national and international) with his Reach label friends. His Christian-centered hip-hop message has also established him as a platform among churches and other Christian organizations, allowing him to speak and instruct at conferences and similar gatherings.

Serving in Church

Trip is now in Philadelphia, PA, where he resides with his wife and has enrolled at Philadelphia Biblical University for a degree in Biblical Studies. Trip is the leader of Epiphany Fellowship’s small groups ministry, where he also preaches and instructs as needed. His goal is to share the grace and beauty of Jesus Christ with anybody who will listen. He believes that his path will lead to becoming a pastor in the future.

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