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What is Love?

We all seem to have different definitions for “love” but at BOOST, we believe that true love is bigger than romance. Bigger than regret.

We believe that if the world knew this kind of love… it could change EVERYTHING.

Be a part of the change by spreading love through free BOOST THE LOVE notes.

We are calling you, BOOST Nation, to BOOST THE LOVE in your city! Leave notes of encouragement at school, at work, at the gym … everywhere you go.  BOOST will even hook you up with the paper to write on!  You can help bring HOPE to every corner of BOOST Nation!

Tag us @myboostnation on all the socials and let’s define love for the world together (the way the Bible does).

Tag @myboostnation and use #BOOSTtheLOVE

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Tag @myboostnation and use #BOOSTtheLOVE

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