Music Submissions

You’re seeing this because…..

A) You sent us music you hope BOOST plays, and we replied with this link. We have some possibly NEW info to share with you (below).
B) You randomly landed here some other way.

If your answer is A!
We love you. We think you’re awesome. We don’t want to get your hopes up though. The math alone prevents BOOST from being able to play every song sent to us. We attempt to sift through as much as possible, and we promise this: if we think you’re a potential fit for what the BOOST audience wants, we will not rest until we connect with you. 

If your answer is B!
And you’re still reading this? Well hey; we’re keeping you out of trouble. Hopefully.

Back to our A peeps. If you answered A above and the info up there wasn’t nearly enough for you, keep reading:


  1. BOOST works with a variety of music promoters and record labels, both independent/local, and national. You don’t have to be “signed” to a label to get on BOOST, but your music needs to come to us through a professional representative. Which leads us here…..
  2. To put it another way, BOOST tries to review every song Professional Promoters submit to us. BOOST cannot guarantee your song will be reviewed if you send it any other way. If you want to get your music on our radar, it needs to come to BOOST through a professional music promoter. Many promoters operate independently (you don’t need to be on a record label for them to rep you). If you don’t have a promoter, we’ll list the ones who know us best below. Keep scrolling. 🙂
  3. We don’t charge money to review your song, or to play it. In fact, it’s illegal for radio stations to accept money in exchange for airplay. Some promoters might charge you to review your music, some do not. BOOST does not discuss money with them in any way, shape or form.
  4. Cool things about working with a Professional Promoter: they might be able to expose your music to more radio stations than just BOOST. They might also have other ideas for you to expand your audience that BOOST isn’t able to help you with.
So, here are the Promoter Peeps who know BOOST & love putting great music in front of us!

Chris Chicago @ Shamrock Media
[email protected]

Josh Lauritch @ 55 Management/Hatch Music
[email protected]

Jennifer Mouttet @ Jen Mouttet Promotions
[email protected]

Meredith Leatherwood @ Leatherwood Promotions
[email protected]

Last but not least, if you hope to work with a record label some day, here are links to the labels who send BOOST a lot of music you hear us play.

BOOST wishes you the best as you chase God’s plan for your music and your life!