Music Submissions

You’re seeing this because…..

A) You sent us music you hope BOOST plays, and we replied with this link.
B) You randomly landed here some other way.

If your answer is A!
We love you. We think you’re awesome. We don’t want to get your hopes up though. The math alone prevents BOOST from being able to play every song people send our way. We attempt to sift through as much as possible, and we promise this: if we think you’re a potential fit for what the BOOST audience wants, we will not rest until we connect with you. 

If your answer is B!
And you’re still reading this? Well hey; we’re keeping you out of trouble. Hopefully.

Back to our A peeps. If you answered A above and the info up there wasn’t nearly enough for you, keep reading:


  1. Are we the right fit for your music? BOOST RADIO revolves around Pop, Hip Hop, and Hope. Faith-based music that bumps. In industry terms, BOOST is considered a Rhythmic outlet. Essentially: Hip Hop that’s mass appeal, and Pop styles that really thump. If your song doesn’t line up with these sounds, you may not be a good fit for what the BOOST audience comes to us for. (But that doesn’t mean you aren’t awesome!)
  2. No promises, sorry. Due to the high volume of music we receive, we can’t promise prompt reviews, replies, or on-air spins. If we want to play your song, or if we have questions, you’ll hear from us. PRO TIP: Hire a professional radio promoter. Their sole job is to get you noticed by decision makers at outlets like BOOST. (Quiet part out loud: 99% of self-submitted songs we get aren’t at the high bar our listeners set for us. Radio promoters help the 1% get noticed and not lumped in with the other 99%.)
  3. Production quality is key. 90% of the songs sent to us have great, talented people (like you!) performing them. But the talent gets diminished when surrounded by production that sounds less than professional. There’s a reason the biggest names in music spend GIANT chunks of cash on the right producers and tools. Great production will help you rise above the pack; anything less risks you not standing out. We don’t play music that lacks excellent production.
  4. Know this: if your song doesn’t get on BOOST, it simply means it doesn’t fit, or the timing is wrong. We’re still cheering for you and hoping God uses you for His kingdom. Radio spins can be a great tool for some artists, but not every artist is cut out for radio. (Not all great songs are great radio songs.) Think of radio this way: it might not be your best first step; BOOST RADIO is a final destination for the absolute best Christian Hip Hop & Pop music.
Music Submissions